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Kyrgyzstan visa

Fortunately for tourists, there is a vast list of countries that have a visa-free regime in Kyrgyzstan, so their citizens don´t need to apply for a visa in order to enter this country.


According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic, the citizens of the following countries don´t need to apply for entry visa:

Indefinite visa-free regime: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russian Federation, Tajikistan, Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Korean Democratic People’s Republic, Cuba, Lao People’s Democratic Republic.

Limited visa-free regime: Malaysia (up to 30 days), Turkey (up to 60 days), Ukraine (up to 90 days), Uzbekistan (up to 60 days), Mongolia (up to 90 days).

Limited visa-free regime for up to 60 days:  Australian Union, Republic of Austria, Kingdom of Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, The Vatican, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Hungary, Federal Republic of Germany, Kingdom of the Netherlands, Hellenic Republic, Kingdom of Denmark, Iceland, Ireland, Kingdom of Spain, Italian Republic, Canada,  Republic of Korea, State of Kuwait, Republic of Latvia, Republic of Lithuania, Principality of Liechtenstein, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Republic of Malta, Principality of Monaco, New Zealand, Kingdom of Norway, United Arab Emirates, Republic of Poland, Portuguese Republic, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Republic of Singapore, Slovak Republic, Republic of Slovenia, United States of America, Finland, French Republic, Republic of Croatia, Czech Republic, Swiss Confederation, Kingdom of Sweden, Republic of Estonia, State of Qatar, State of Brunei Darussalam, Kingdom of Bahrain, Japan.


Even if you are not on this lucky list it is not very difficult to apply for Kyrgyz visa since the government launched an electronic visa portal (in 2017) in order to simplify the process of applying for a tourist visa. As a result, travelers can obtain a short-term visa without visiting an embassy or a consular office of the Kyrgyz Republic, following two simple steps: applying and making the online payment.

Electronic visa application does not require more information than the traditional paper application and it gives the same right to enter the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic as the ordinary visa. All you need for applying for e-visa is internet connection, a credit or debit card for making payments and scanned copies of your documents.

You can check if you are eligible for e-Visa by going to e-Visa portal Home Page >>> Get information >>> Do I need visa? and selecting your country/region of travel document.

If you don´t want to use the portal, you can apply for visa at the nearest consular office of the Kyrgyz republic. You can find the full list at the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyzstan.


After arriving to Kyrgyzstan, foreign country citizens are obliged to register according to the place of accommodation within 5 working days, except for those who are included in “The list of foreign countries with the indication of the time limits for registration of foreign citizens and stateless persons arriving to the Kyrgyz Republic, performed by the authorized state bodies”.

The citizens of the 92 countries listed in the mentioned document are allowed to stay without registration during the time indicated in the same document.


Foreign state Registration deadline
1. Australia 60 working days
2. Austrian Republic 60 working days
3. Azerbaijan Republic 10 working days *
4. Republic of Albania 60 working days
5. Principality of Andorra 60 working days
6. Argentine Republic 60 working days
7. Republic of Armenia 30 working days *
8. Commonwealth of the Bahamas 90 working days *
9. Barbados 28 working days*
10 Kingdom of Bahrain 60 working days
11. Republic of Belarus 30 working days*
12. Kingdom of Belgium 60 working days
13. Republic of Bulgaria 60 working days
14. Bosnia and Herzegovina 60 working days
15. Federative Republic of Brazil 60 working days
16. Brunei Darussalam State 60 working days
17. Vatican 60 working days
18. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 60 working days
19. Hungary 60 working days
20. Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela 90 working days*
21. Socialist Republic of Vietnam 60 working days
22. Federal Republic of Germany 60 working days
23. Hellenic Republic 90 working days*
24. Georgia 90 working days*
25. Kingdom of Denmark 60 working days
26. Dominica 21 working days*
27. State of Israel 60 working days
28. Republic of Indonesia 60 working days
29. Islamic Republic of Iran 8 working days*
30. Republic of Ireland 60 working days
31. Iceland 60 working days
32. Kingdom of Spain 60 working days
33. Italian Republic 60 working days
34. Republic of Kazakhstan 30 working days*
35. Canada 60 working days
36. State of Qatar 60 working days
37. Republic of Cyprus (Western) 60 working days
38. Republic of Korea 60 working days
39. Republic of Costa Rica 30 working days*
40. Republic of Cuba 30 working days*
41. State of Kuwait 60 working days
42. Lao People’s Democratic Republic 30 working days*
43. Republic of Latvia 60 working days
44. Lithuanian Republic 60 working days
45. Principality of Liechtenstein 60 working days
46. Grand Duchy of Luxembourg 60 working days
47. Republic of Macedonia 60 working days
48. Malaysia 30 working days *
49. Maldives Republic 30 working days*
50. Malta 60 working days*
51. United Mexican States 60 working days
52. Principality of Monaco 60 working days
53. Mongolia 30 working days*
54. Kingdom of the Netherlands 60 working days
55. Republic of Nicaragu 90 working days*
56. New Zealand 60 working days
57. Kingdom of Norway 60 working days
58. United Arab Emirates 60 working days
59. Sultanate of Oman 60 working days
60. Republic of Peru 90 working days*
61. The Republic of Poland 60 working days
62. Portuguese Republic 60 working days
63. Russian Federation 30 working days*
64. Romania 60 working days
65. Republic of El Salvador 90 working days*
66. Republic of San Marino 60 working days
67. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 60 working days
68. Republic of Serbia 60 working days
69. Republic of Singapore 60 working days
70. Slovak Republic 60 working days
71. Republic of Slovenia 60 working days
72. United States of America 60 working days
73. Kingdom of Thailand 60 working days
74. Republic of Tajikistan 60 working days*
75. Turkmenistan 10 working days*
76. Republic of Turkey 90 working days*
77. Ukraine 90 working days*
78. Republic of the Philippines 60 working days
79. Republic of Finland 60 working days
80. France 60 working days
81. Republic of Croatia 60 working days
82. Montenegro 60 working days
83. Czech Republic 60 working days
84. Republic of Chile 60 working days*
85. Swiss Confederation 60 working days
86. Kingdom of Sweden 60 working days
87. Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka 30 working days*
88. Republic of Equator 30 working days*
89. Estonian Republic 60 working days
90. the Republic of South Africa 60 working days
91. Japan 60 working days
92. Republic of India 30 working days


If you have to register, please, ask your hotel or at OVIR.


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