10-day tour: Osh - Kyrgyz-Ata- Khujand – Alaudin lakes – Iskanderkul – Dushanbe - Kalai Khum - Khorog - Ishkashim – Langar - Bulunkul Lake – Murghab - Achyk-Tash - Osh (Ref: AKG0016-3)

Activities & ToursTours by local travel agencies10-day tour: Osh-Khujand-Dushanbe-Khorog-Murghab, Ref: AKG0016-3

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10-day tour: Osh – Kyrgyz-Ata- Khujand – Alaudin lakes – Iskanderkul – Dushanbe – Kalai Khum – Khorog – Ishkashim – Langar – Bulunkul Lake – Murghab – Achyk-Tash – Osh (Ref: AKG0016-3)

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10-day tour: Osh-Khujand-Dushanbe-Khorog-Murghab (Kyrgyzstan-Tajikistan)


“10-day tour: Osh-Khujand-Dushanbe-Khorog-Murghab” is organized by Amin within a local Travel & Transport agency and in collaboration with local professionals.


Itinerary: Osh – Kyrgyz-Ata- Khujand – Alaudin lakes – Iskanderkul – Dushanbe – Kalai Khum – Khorog – Ishkashim – Langar – Bulunkul Lake – Murghab – Achyk-Tash – Osh

Day 1:  Osh – Kyrgyz-Ata

We will meet you at Osh International Airport. After an eastern-style snack at a teahouse we will head to Kyrgyz-Ata National Park. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the southern Kyrgyzstan. Only 55 km from Osh, this small national park is located on the northern slope of the Alay Range. Juniper forests are the hallmark of Kyrgyz-Ata and its fascinating caves share ancestral secrets. In fact, there are historical and cultural monuments throughout the park, as well as ancient burial grounds. And that’s just the beginning — it’s also the haven for outdoors and ecotourism lovers.

Spending time at Kyrgyz-Ata National Park offers the chance to trek or ride horses through the gorges and enjoy its stunning nature. And not just for a day — live with nomads in a yurt camp located right in the heart of the park. You will see the daily live of Kyrgyz nomads when you book one of the comfortable yurts that can fit several people in a hostel-style or can be booked for single or private accommodation.

In the yurt camp you can easily hire a local guide for trekking, book a horse trek or learn the art of archery. And throughout it all, you’ll enjoy local traditional dishes. Horse riding lovers will love the chance to do a horse trek in the mountains or to simply horseback ride on the pastures and fields located nearby.

Overnight in a yurt camp.

Day 2: Kyrgyz-Ata – Khujand

Today we will head to the city of Khujand – the second largest city of Tajikistan. It is located on the river Syr – at the mouth of Fergana valley. The population of the city is 149,000 people. Khujand is also the capital of the northernmost region of Tajikistan, which today is called Sugd. Afterwards, you will visit the Cultural Palace in which the first President of Tajikistan was elected. Besides, you will visit today the Central Mosque located in the centre of the city. Overnight stay in a hotel.

Day 3: Khujand – Alaudin lakes

Today we will head to Lake Pat Aladdin through Shakhristan pass (3 378 m). The road will go through beautiful mountain passes and we will make several stops for rest and take pictures. We will pass about 40 km from the main road in the valley of the Zarafshan to visit Aladdin lakes. The water in this lake is so pure that you can see its bottom and the nature surrounding the lake is absolutely amazing! After exploring the lakes we will go to a local family home stay for overnight.

Day 4: Alaudin lakes – Iskanderkul – Dushanbe

Today we will go to the mountain lake – Iskanderkul (2 255 m), located in the famous Fan mountains. After arriving at the lake we will go for a walk. Afterwards, we will make a short trip to see a big waterfall known as “Niagara of the Fan mountains”.

Then we will continue our trip to Dushanbe through the Anzob pass and Long Istiklol tunnel. Dushanbe is the capital and the largest city of Tajikistan. Dushanbe means “Monday” in Tajik language and it reflects the historical fact that Dushanbe was a village, where originally was a popular market working on Mondays.  Overnight at a hotel.

Day 5: Dushanbe – Kalai Khum

In the morning we will go to Khorog. This is perhaps one of the smallest cities on the world map and it is surrounded by rocky mountains. The city was built at the confluence of three rivers, where the rivers Sandara and Gund flow into the river Panj.

On the way to Khorog you will meet the inhabitants of the Pamirs. A number of anthropological features distinguish them from the rest of the Tajik people. High percentage of them has blonde hair, pale skin and blue eyes.

The Pamir Mountains are one of the highest mountain ranges of the world (after the Himalayas in Tibet) inhabited by people. The life in the mountains made local traditions markedly different from the other Tajik people traditions. Here you will visit the Botanical Garden and then we will go to a local guest house for overnight stay.


Day 6: Khorog – Ishkashim – Langar

Today we are going to a small village of Ishkashim  – the capital of Ishkashim district of the Badakhshan Autonomous region in the South-East of the country. It is located on the Panj river, where the river turns sharply to the North. The Panj river is a tributary of the Amu Darya river with a length of 125 km, which forms a significant part of the border between Afghanistan and Tajikistan. The village of Ishkashim located opposite to the city with the same name in Afghanistan. Afterwards, we will continue our way along the Wakhan corridor towards Langar.  On the way we will visit Kaahka fortress and Yamchun.

During the whole day we will travel along the Afghan border, so you will see Afghan houses and small villages built right on the mountain. On the other side of the border you will see Tajik villages and get to know more about the local lifestyle. The houses are built of stones and the people are very hospitable. You will learn many interesting facts about the Tajik people and their culture. Overnight in a local family home stay.

 Day 7: Langar – Bulunkul Lake – Murghab

There is a saying that “coming here to see Murghab is like not coming to the Pamir at all”. Nevertheless, when we say “the roof of the world” we mean Murghab.

In the morning we will head towards the town. Along the way we will visit Lake Bulunkul and Lake Yamchun. Often the visitors of Murghab compare its plain barren landscape with the lunar surface. Indeed, this comparison reflects the unique feeling of staying in this place. As for the climate, this area is characterized by short and cool summers and almost snowless cold winters. Overnight in a guest house.

Day 8: Murghab – Achyk-Tash (Lenin Peak base camp)

In the morning we will move towards the Kyrgyz border (height 4 336 m). You will head to one of the most beautiful places in Kyrgyzstan – the picturesque Tash valley. It is located near the base camp of one of 7 000 m peaks – Lenin Peak. It is the third the largest peak in the former The Soviet Union and it is considered one of the less dangerous peaks to climb. For this reason it became one of the most popular peaks in the CIS and annually attracts hundreds of climbers from all over the world.

Upon arrival you will have free time to take a walk in the surroundings of Lenin Peak. Overnight in tents.

Day 9: Achyk-Tash – Osh

Today we will head to Osh. The road goes along beautiful mountains and through high mountain passes. On our way we will pass through the Taldyk Pass (3615 m). You will never forget the stunning views of these mountains. The 93% of the territory of Kyrgyzstan is occupied by mountains, where local people lead a traditional nomadic lifestyle. This country is a Paradise for those who love mountains and eco- and ethno-tourism.

The way goes through winding roads and among stunning gorges. Prepare to enjoy the most beautiful mountain views! Overnight at a hotel.

Day 10:  Transfer to Osh International Airport



ServicePrice (USD)

“10-day tour: Osh-Khujand-Dushanbe-Khorog-Murghab”

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1520 USD

*per vehicle (4×4)

Accommodation and food

*as listed in the itinerary

from 30 to 35 USD

*per person / per 1 day

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